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Biomechanical Measurements

We offer extensive tools that assist with biomechanical analysis. Beginning with pose identification that involves the drawing of a shape with 17 keypoints, you can append a calculation box to any joint and gauge diverse parameters. You have the ability to connect any joint, identify the angles you want to observe, stabilize a limb, and acquire groundrelative shapes. For accurate velocitybased values, it’s necessary to adjust the screen in x, y coordinates. Data can be exported in Microsoft Excel CSV format.

Pose Estimation

There are multiple methods available for performing shape pose estimation.

Calculation Boxes

You can affix numerous boxes to any joint and commence real-time measurement.


X and Y calibration are necessary for certain parameters, such as velocity.

The majority of slow-motion videos, particularly those exported from an iPhone, are encoded at 30 frames per second (fps). Therefore, if you have recorded a video in 240fps slow-motion mode, you will need to use the correct divider, which is 240 divided by 30, resulting in 8. This formula should be applied in similar situations.