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1 Minute Preview

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Microsoft Windows
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iPad and iPhone
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iPad and iPhone
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Trusted Mac / iPad Sports Software

Throughout the years, we have collaborated with top-notch coaches and organizations to optimize applications within the Apple ecosystem.

H.264, HEVC with hardware decoding. Slo-Mo video.

RTMP,HLS,SRT,RTSP Onvif support. Decklink, USB Camera.

Custom Tagging data and Tagging panel templates

Post match Filter, GridStats, Editor, quick corrections.

All common shapes in precise visuals and animations.

17 joints including toes. AI models. Joint editor.

Export to HEVC format, join clips, images, slow motion.

Export to MS Excel files, text files, json, xml.

Pose, human detection + sorting, freeze frame, chroma.

Additional plugins with special functions.

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