Binary Video Analysis for MacOS


About Binary Video AnalysisAI Sports AppDeveloped by coaches for coaches. Binary Video Analysis is a tool for people from any sport. It was designed to make video work easier and faster at all
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1. Toolbar

Time PanelMain time - Shows time from startTime on left - Start time of selected time rangeTime on right - End time of selected time rangeLayout ButtonsLeft Button - Enables/Disables drawing
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2. Drawing Controls

MovementTip: Double clik on shape with left top triangle to open settings menuArrow - disables any selection and movement4 arrows - enables shape selection and movementStar - enables / disables
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4. Video Managment

Add/Remove Videoplus sign - adds video to all selected windowsminus sign - remove video from all selected windowsMove Video Windowleft sign - move selected windows to leftright sign - rmove selected
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5. Analyzes

Open Analysisopens dialog and loads analysis from diskSave Analysisopens dialog and saves analysis to diskEdit Analysisedit name of selected analysisAdd Analysisadds new analysisRemove
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6. Video Controls

Cut Controls[ - marks start of selection from current time position] - marks end of selection from current time positionZoom ControlsZoom A - zoom progress bar to show allZoom Plus - zoom progress
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7. Scouting

Scouting Data- opens scouting data from file- saves scouting data to file- opens scouting managment dialog- edits selected scouting rows- shifts time of all scouting rows- shifts time with +1 second
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8. Menu

ActionShortcutNew Project Open Project Save Project Team Cloud Add Video Link Videos Shift And Link Fullscreen Mode Save Snapshot Add Snapshot To Tags Capture Video Play/Pause
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