Tip: Double clik on shape with left top triangle to open settings menu

Arrow - disables any selection and movement

4 arrows - enables shape selection and movement

Star - enables / disables animation on created or selected shape

Filled rectangle - enables / disables shape filling on created or selected shape

Lines / Arrows

Line - creates straight line with two handles

Free hand line - draws free line on left mouse button down

Arrrow - creates straight line with arrow at the end and two handles

Free hand arrow - draws free line with arrow at the end on left mouse button down


Rectangle - creates rectangle shape

Ellipse hand arrow - creates ellipse shape

Cone - created gradient cone from top to mouse location

Angle - creates 3 handles angle shape with arc and text

Zoom / Polylines / Calculations

Zoom 2 - 8 - creates zoom shape (Note: you can have only 1 zoom per video)

Polyline - creates poliline shape with optional player tracking ellipse

Calculation Box - creates new calculation box

Link to Calcultaion box - links 1 or 2 points to selected calculation box

Text / Pose / AI

Text - creates new text line, to make change later double click on it

Pose Estimation - creates pose estimation shape with selected joints

AI - creates new AI Box, suitable for tracking players, balls and all oither objects

Assign AI / Record - assign AI motion to selecteds shape / record motion of all AI boxes

Line Width

1-32 - changes line width of selected or new shape

Line dash - click 2 times on line width to assign shape line dash


Undo - deletes last added shape (to delete selected shape press Delete)

Redo - brings back delete and undo state

Clear - removes all shapes

Delete - deletes selected shape


Select - click on color to select current color for drawing

Change - double click on color to show picker dialog (you can always go back to default colors with menu)


Tip: Clik on eye to hide shape

UP - Move shape up / send to back

DOWN - Move shape down / bring to front

[ - Deletes motion tags with current time from left side

] - Deletes motion tags with current time from right side

ADD - Adds motion tag with current time

DELETE - Deletes selected shape / motion tag

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